Geroi® Might and Magii® III HD
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Geroi® Might and Magii® III HD


It is not enough to say that Heroes 3 and the entire series is a legend, it's childhood and youth of an entire generation! Frankly, in the very first part I did not play, but from the second we were inseparable. Undoubtedly the most successful has been there and will be the third part, it was the most adequate, balanced and interesting. It is not surprising that a third of the originally released in three editions, containing new campaign and a lot of interesting plot, and then there was some more informal publications from "fans", so to speak, what to say to her, even now many play!
After the third part of the 4 heroes were, but they were clearly the product of raw and did not cause any positive effect, only the negative, because millions of fans rioted because of this game. Many years later, after a failed part out Heroes 5, they were better than the fourth part, but it was somehow party, no particular attention to them did not pay ...

But in January 2015 pierced news - the third part of this great game have decided to re-release, and in HD! The first few minutes I was ecstatic ... but then immediately found what you can complain about what will all of this article.

Immediately it should be noted that under the reissue hit only the first part of the third heroes - Restoration of Erathia, with no heroes, artifacts, and other content from two other official parts there will not be. Though something new, too, will not ... it's a little upset because subsequent versions were somewhat interesting, but perhaps the fate awaits them in HD. As for the re-release, the developers claim that in the past were often minor flaws and they are fixed, it is possible that it is, but it is when it comes to the PC version, and this article would not appear here if not heroes decided to officially launch on android! So for android, new defects, talk about which not much point ... the fact is that they are!
And everything is nothing, but the publisher for android and iOS became none other than Ubisoft, but even this was not a guarantee of serenity, unfortunately. Moreover, we all know the financial policy of the developer, so do not be surprised that the game will set you back almost $ 10 and it is at the current rate!
If it comes to that - there is a problem with the management, which will have to get used to, there is a problem with the text on devices whose screen is 7 inches and below, there is no generator cards, the game crashes periodically ...

I understand that optimization is difficult, but who does not like Ubisoft will be able to make it as needed? Especially for 10 bucks!
The result of the game Heroes of Might and Magic ® ® III HD: Dear fans, if you have not bought this game, then I recommend you wait, the project is likely to not give up and will bring to mind, and if you have already purchased ... then humbly wait! And everyone who wants to understand this game is worth what you get old-like Heroes 3: Revival Erathia and nothing else!


Geroi® Might and Magii® III HD


4.06★ 81.18%

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2015/02/04 10:38
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