Vincents Dream
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Vincents Dream


Visit our website have already met with the games about sleeping characters, in particular, this game is very similar masterpiece Back to Bed, a review of which was in the middle of September last year, if you remember, there was an unusual surreal world, challenging assignments and gorgeous graphics, the game was paid This is not surprising, in this case, however, the game is also paid (but only costs $ 0.5), let's see what it will offer us.

In this game, the world in which you will get is also quite beautiful, but still normal, something like that, we could see a lot where manage have some nice monster whose name is Vincent, who suffers from sleepwalking every night and your task is to hold it through all the danger to the bed, while collecting as many chashok. They will be very useful if you want to play again, because only collect a certain number of cups you will be given the next collection of 20 levels.
The first levels will seem simple, but they are learning, more complexity will increase and you will see that the brains started to work;)

Pros and Features Vincents Dream:

  • beautiful graphics
  • challenges
  • more than four dozen levels (to start) + can open another
  • very simple operation
  • pleasant background music
  • game is perfect for both adults and children
  • a good workout for the brain

Disadvantages games Vincents Dream:

  • game fee, will cost half a dollar
  • to open more levels will have to try on the past

Outcome: acceptable puzzle which, incidentally, is implemented on the engine Unity, which means the animation is smooth and pleasant here, among other things visually and aurally, it is also nice as a whole - the game is worth the money.


Vincents Dream


3.85★ 76.93%

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2015/01/28 11:13
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