Secret Files Tunguska
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Secret Files Tunguska


The word "Quest" is now no surprise that before there were very few and almost everyone was kind of a masterpiece, but when they were put on the conveyor exclusivity they lost. The same G5 or Big Fish Games make them almost one a week. Unfortunately because of this situation, genre and gameplay in particular got used some changes itself in the direction of simplification of the process, and that is bad. Now any set of images for which you want to search for items is a "quest" and the lack of plot and simple-design become almost attributes. I have long noticed that the games is clearly not enough genres and a clear separation of them, but it's the lyrics ...

Fortunately, there are developers and there are projects that are classics of the genre is available on Android and causing real interest as well as our users. Game Secret Files Tunguska just one of those, because if you compare it to something, most likely comes to mind Syberia, which hit an all-time!
Not even going to compare them to not razvolit holivar, just note that they have something in common - plague story, excellent graphics and excellent implementation.

About this developer.
Implement this project came from Deep Silver, which was the first game and paid the first quest in principle, because to her they could boast of only two parts is not the most popular races and even less popular two-part space strategy, and then bam and cool quest! Against the background of the success of the game Secret Files Tunguska they released a second and a paid game - Secret Files Sam Peters, there's just not so smooth, so I see no reason to spoil the story of stories about her.

The plot of the game Secret Files Tunguska:
the action takes place in the past, also in Siberia around a terrible accident which many of you know - the fall of the Tunguska meteorite. This incident in real life is covered by a mass of secrets and mysteries, and here and play and imagination ... The main character - a girl named Nina, who just will investigate this incident and wants to solve all mysteries, because of what you have to being kidnapped and visit a lot of places around the planet, but you know it, so it will be interesting, all you need to know now - plot revolves little more than full!

Gameplay Secret Files Tunguska:
it is simple and clear, very simple and very clear, moreover, it is a real adventure, no HOS, I'm sure that for many it will be good news!

Making Secret Files Tunguska:
there will have to be taken into account that the original game was developed for home computers, and back in 2006 ... but by the standards of android schedule here at the height of the world around detailed and interesting locations are individual and a genuine interest, ported it all flawlessly, so that even One plus for the game and the developer.

Outcome: classics of the genre, beautiful and interesting, yes, the game fee and will cost you $ 2.5, but it's not the money, moreover, it is translated into a lot of languages, so that you can fully experience all the intricacies of the storyline.


Secret Files Tunguska


4.43★ 88.69%

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2015/01/20 10:03
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