You know who the Team 17 Digital Limited? If not, you probably know a game like Worms, and so these are the developers who created the legendary worms! Recently, there was silence from them and millions of fans waiting with bated breath when you see something new ... and behold, there was a game Flockers!
In fact, the game was released much earlier, but on android appeared only a few days ago, but it is a common practice for many developers, especially if they monitor the quality of its product, because a competent optimization of games for Android is not only worth it, but also takes a lot of time, the consequences of which we can observe.

Of full-scale war that unfolded in the game Worms developers decided to go for something less destructive, but do not forget about the cruelty inherent in their games and black humor, such as in this game you will be engaged in rescue sheep ...
The idea of ​​the game combines many good sides of modern games, for example, each level you can go to three stars, depending on what you could do. In this context, one star is given if you have saved at least someone, two rescued if the right amount of oveu or more and if the third runs out of time interval. At the first level all is relatively simple, the levels will be no different high complexity, cunning traps and options in sheep is not so much because your job will be in order to give them those or other abilities, the first one, or several, or all you can teach only jump, the rest - then. And then begins the most tin, for which the game and created, as the levels will become much harder and avoid the pitfalls that you will not turn out so easily, so your lambs will begin to wind on tsikrkulyarnye saws, crush plates with spikes, blow ... in general not a pleasant sight and definitely not suitable for the faint of heart.

Making the game deserves some praise Flockers because it is great! Yes, the game is made in a format 2D, but it is 2D, which you will not find almost anywhere! The picture is incredibly clear, at the highest level of detail, animation gorgeous ... something like that I have only seen in the game The Cave, nowhere else!

A little bit about the shortcomings of the game Flockers:

Just a couple of flaws and the fact they are relatively ...
To start the game on the android came in last, so most of the audience stayed on consoles and home computers and the second drawback - the game fee, it is worth a little more than two dollars, but in these games you have to pay!

Bottom line: the game at least gorgeous, so if you do not play it on another platfrme and it is of interest - buy without hesitation!




3.68★ 73.59%

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2015/01/16 10:34
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