The idea was simple game books, the pages of the story was usually a very exciting and interesting, it is sometimes the image to pamper your imagination, and the outcome of events solved only luck, played by playing dice that came bundled with the book. The electronic form of the principle remains the same, that's just not the rustle of pages and throwing dice for you once randomayzer, but anyway, it's a good opportunity to revive old, to the same subjects did not become worse;)

This story was prepared for us two wonderful writer Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, who no longer work for the first time for such projects, each time leaving a lot of satisfied users. In this book you will find a battle with a dangerous pirate who has the long trail of blood, but your hero - a brave adventurer who is now looking for revenge, so we will go along with it!

As already mentioned - almost everything here is solved by throwing bones, but one way or another, in all situations will be a choice, but there really is up to you - to fight with each counter or do without too much bloodshed, one way or another, by which route did not go plot - will be very interesting, the authors History and developers vouch for that!

Pros and Features Bloodbones:

  • interesting stories from authors izestnyh
  • have the option of watching beautiful images or original books in black and white
  • Choose a unique weapon for your character
  • do quests at a time
  • scouting new locations and places
  • interesting system of throwing bones
  • have the ability to include effects and soundtrack
  • convenient system of tabs

Disadvantages games Bloodbones:

  • game fee, costs a little more than 4 dollars
  • itself gameplay here is simple

Bottom line: the game was very decent and interesting, so if you basically like games of this genre, do not miss this one, if not - then no, but if you do not know - I recommend to try.




2.59★ 51.75%

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2015/01/01 11:30
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