Knights of the Old Republic ™
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Knights of the Old Republic ™


The yard was in 2003, the developers of BioWare made ​​it almost impossible - they published a cult game that many people do not remember one year, and it happened at the peak of the gaming industry, one way or another, this game is in the mountains was a hundred times considered revolutionary and received a lot of other awards, in general - everything worked 200% better than expected. Initially, the game was developed for the Xbox, but after a couple of months and appeared on home computers, seven (!) Years has been ported to the Mac running OS X, even after 3 years and appeared on iOS, so that the owners of iPhones and aypadov has long been able to play it, but a few days ago she appeared on android .... better late than never, what else to say?

What was revolutionary this game? In fact, a lot of what, in particular graphics, cool story, an excellent system development and combat mechanics who at that time were sky-high. Today, that is, after more than 11 years, the game is not as steep as before, a lot of water under the bridge and left a lot of games that we like it or not become better, especially with regard to graphics, but the plot and other nezyblimye moments always remain in the price, so that this game valuable, albeit slightly less than in 2003.

Describe the plot makes no sense, because you can play the different characters for different parties to the conflict between the Federation and the Sith, branching storyline and very much dependent on your actions, solutions and answers that you give in the dialogues. Anyway, it's really an open world with complete freedom of action, plot tasks and battles that will be on the blaster in space, on planets, and swords as anything else, just as there are plenty of other characters, dialogues and secrets. The entire universe of Star Wars is available for you as you can not deny myself the pleasure?

Pros and features of the game Knights of the Old Republic ™:

  • cult game that finally got to android
  • a unique open world
  • a huge number of locations, characters and vehicles
  • more than four dozen skills and the ability to make your lightsaber
  • Choose whom you play
  • game perfectly optimized and redesigned for android
  • support for many gamepads
  • first appeared Statistics achievements

Disadvantages of the game Knights of the Old Republic ™:

  • core audience of fans had more than 10 years to complete the game inside and out ...
  • paid game, and now after the weekend she sold at a discount and costs $ 5 discount when end price will be $ 10

Bottom line: even if a decade later, but it's still a great game that is not just won hundreds of awards and million-strong army of fans. It is definitely worth the money, so do not care what you have once played it, do not care that the cache for the game weighs several gigabytes of ... download, you will not regret!


Knights of the Old Republic ™


4.07★ 81.48%

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2014/12/31 09:00
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