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Game made ​​in the company's Crescent Moon Games, I would not say that the name on the lips, but the games they have been doing relatively good, in fact, about a year ago they released a paid game Ravensword: Shadowlands, which at that time made ​​some sensation, thanks geypley unusual and beautiful graphics, after which they promised to do at least a cool project, and, apparently, is what he is;)

The game's plot will be after three hundred years of our days, and during those three hundred years, humans have managed to turn our home planet uninhabitable ball from which all ran away and began to explore distant worlds, hoping to find a new home. One of these worlds will fall and you, that's just not call it friendly locals, though not the most intelligent creatures (for the most part are insects), but still do not want to share the space, so it will have to win the battle with the living space. To say that this new story for us, I can not, this has been, but is it so important? Although no zombies ...

The gameplay in the game is very pleased, because on the one hand we get a full-fledged RPG with open world, where you can choose one of three characters and rock it. Needless to have jobs that generally need to follow in order to progress through the story, but no one stops to go to "free floating". On the other hand in the game you need to shoot a lot and have the ability to change the camera view, or from a third party or as in the classic shooter, so combine the two genres developers turned out just fine. Control of the game also did not disappoint, it is the same as in other similar games by this developer, so convenient and time-tested.

Making the game also enjoyed a great graphics, animation, and effects on height, the world is quite interesting but without fanaticism, nothing spectacular here to be found. In general, the game does not make a revolution, it is now producing something that looks a lot cooler, but it does not negate the weight of its other merits.

Pros and Features EXILES:

  • almost perfect mix of genres shooter and RPG
  • large open world colony, caves, temples and other interesting locations
  • Three types of characters to choose from
  • a lot of different weapons
  • terrible opponents
  • beautiful graphics
  • very convenient operation
  • no Donata

Disadvantages games EXILES:
  • for all the good things still need to pay, the game is worth about $ 6.

Bottom line: the promised revolution did not happen, but in the Crescent Moon Games could make another great game that is worth every penny you pay for it, so I recommend;)




4.07★ 81.47%

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2014/12/24 09:45
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