Snowboard Party
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Snowboard Party


In this game you will be offered several options for its vremyaprovedeniya, one that will appeal to many - to collect the same as you, fans of virtual sports and ride the slopes in multiplayer mode, and for those who love to skate one has a couple of game modes in which you will learn, practice, hone tricks and stuff glasses open new routes, change snowboards and get new heroes.

Snowboarding is not generally the most affordable sport to start to suitable weather, of course slopes that as the weather is not everywhere, and all sorts of equipment costing a pretty penny, not to mention, if for every pokatushki need somewhere to get out, very little who live within walking distance of places of skating. And the game was not for everyone, because it is paid, does not cost much - less than two dollars, but it's money and not everyone wants to give them a game for your phone or tablet.

The gameplay in the game a wonderful, because in fact it is not even arcade, something close to the simulator as well as graphics and physics here are at a high level, and tricks that you can perform all accounts have no ride as you want! By itself you will be given the job on various routes, which will facilitate the absorption of the necessary skills and will give extra points. The controls are quite easy - it takes the role of a virtual joystick, so that movement is limited, you will not, and especially the outstanding results you can always share with friends on social networks!

Pros and features of the game Snowboard Party:

  • graphics and engine for the latest generation of devices
  • ride online with other players
  • can be adjusted in the management of anything
  • more than fifty tricks and more combinations
  • half a dozen tracks around the world
  • it is possible to change gear and clothing style
  • pontovatsya opportunities in social networks
  • a huge number of soundtracks
  • game translated into 10 languages

Disadvantages games Snowboard Party:

  • Paid game
  • Besides, there are Donath = (

Bottom line: a decent game that is worth the money, so if you love racing games and simulators, has an amount of two dollars and do not have the ability or desire to ride on a real board, then be sure to swing!


Snowboard Party


4.27★ 85.45%

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2014/12/14 11:18
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