Phantom Rift
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Immediately it is worth noting that for originality with money you will be asked - about two and a half dollars, not so much, but whether it is worth playing at least something? Here in this we are to understand!

The game starts as usual - you will choose your character and make it "individual". But the number of changes that you can make the minimum, so it can not waste time, because the most valuable things waiting for you next. And then you find yourself in a strange world full of magic and created other not very clear things. But you're in luck! Because your hero is none other than the magician;)

Just a few meters you will begin to notice the difference between this game from many of those that you have seen. For example design - first somehow clouded and it seems very small, but each step in the right direction and the world begins to grow, literally before your eyes! Fog retreats and after some time you will wander through the vast territory inhabited by quite as good and evil beings, have to fight against evil and then you will see the main feature of this game, which is used in a huge number of spells. It spells here will be your object of adoration and collectibles because of their several hundred and each is unique in its properties and applications. Understand the spells can be long, especially when you have to think about the tactics of the battle, so the fighting taking place in steps - no one will disturb you to think;)

Just deserves praise and design of the game, which again is not the most common and very high quality. The world around first may seem meager, but in fact he is in constant motion and full of creatures, shadows and other elements that are accustomed to whom you will be delighted.

Pros and features of the game Phantom Rift:

  • Innovative combat system
  • dark atmospheric world
  • more than three hundred spells to collection
  • thousands of items
  • many NPC who will tell you about the world in which you roam
  • have the opportunity to fight in PvP
  • The game supports several types of external joysticks

Disadvantages game Phantom Rift:

  • Paid game
  • all spells in English

Bottom line: a good game for reasonable money, so if you like dark worlds, magic and role-playing games, it does not upset when he saw many of the English language - swing!


Phantom Rift


3.87★ 77.4%

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2014/12/04 11:08
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