Unusual in the quest is the implementation, which will be discussed later, the story is there enough private. Actions take place in medieval times, when there were witches, princesses, knights and castles. Everything will be painfully familiar - a beautiful princess who kidnapped and imprisoned in the witch tower and a brave knight who went to rescue this princess, only you do not have to swing a sword, will have much to think and solve a lot of puzzles. With this we also have encountered - find items codes, logic, and more jobs bouquet quite wide, so that will not be bored.

It and it alone draws in this game, I think, as planned. Besides the obvious quality that encompasses not only the graphics, drawing, etc., but the soundtrack, a compilation of original voices and more. As for the pictures, it is incredibly stylish - as if painted on yellowed paper, and indeed the entire game is made in yellow and brown colors, which had clearly not met.
According to the results - it's nice to see, nice to play, and what else you need from a game?

Advantages and Features Grimma:

  • extraordinary rendition of the classic story
  • many different and challenging puzzles
  • Search for items
  • unforgettable adventure
  • unique style and Implementation

Disadvantages game Grimma:

  • game fee, costs about two dollars
  • plot develops quickly and just as quickly coming to an end ... but for the money and with this realization would like more ...

Bottom line: great (and, as a consequence of charge) a quest that is not characterized by simplicity and conservatism, in my opinion is a great option for those that love the genre as a whole - I recommend, just remember that the game is short enough so that you do not have it the week take, unfortunately.




4.23★ 84.62%

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2014/11/17 10:43
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