Monkey Racing
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These almost knocked out of the race of the majority of those we surveyed recently at least for one reason - it's almost a classic! This is not a runner, there is no need to collect the coins, no strange and newfangled chips have a start there and finish there opponents! The task is as old as the world - to come first, that's just it would be boring, but the developers have tried and so you can not come to the first showing how much driving skills as cunning and deceit, as in real life!

Politics in the game quite humanely, without any Donata that under the condition that the game itself and so very correctly paid. Machine, you can select any, mostly because they are all the same, it is possible to improve the already then, at your discretion. But in the beginning it can be a bit of work - the external elements, coloring, etc. will allow you to show imagination and stand out from the crowd. After that you have to go directly to the races, during which you have to shoot, ram enemies, use various tricks to get around them and just have a good steer. Made all soundly and enjoy the most.

Advantages and features of the game Monkey Racing:

  • destyakov eight different routes
  • machine can be adjusted to create a huge number of combinations
  • nearly two dozen bosses
  • Several game modes
  • nearly nine dozen achievements
  • hilarious shooter on the road - shoot tarante clipped
  • have the opportunity to use the controller format MOGA
  • great graphics and good physics
  • thoughtful tracks

Disadvantages Games Monkey Racing:

  • game fee, will cost about $ 3
  • only 3 languages ​​- English, French, Italian

Bottom line: yes, the game is paid, but the money is worth it, at least it almost guarantees you many hours of gameplay and a lot of nice action!


Monkey Racing


4.24★ 84.87%

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2014/11/12 11:05
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