Reckless Racing 3
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Reckless Racing 3


The two last parts of the game (at least according to statistics Google Play) can not be called very popular, the number of downloads in both cases did not exceed half a million, but there's a reason - all part of the game were paid, this part - is no exception. That's only in comparison with the last part of the game has risen twice as much as it is now 3 dollars! For comparison, the first part was the free Lite version, it downloads the number of times it was so in 10 more than that for free, so you can safely download this project in principle quite popular. In addition, if a close eye on the numbers, I personally always knew that this game quality, the first two parts of the developers did Polarbit, which gave certain guarantees. On the third part came out a little differently - to change the developer, now it Pixelbite, which, judging by the name, somewhere close and hope that nothing has changed for the worse.

True to tradition.
Fortunately, the third part of this series is not ready to surprise us with some basic changes, reformers tremble, rejoice conservatives. And conservatism is not only in the fact that the concept of the game is already saved as a third time, but also in the fact that even in the first part was the view from the top, that may remind many of the classic games of the past, such as GTA 2 or many other games, because then it was acceptable. Today, you can not call this exit, but the qualitative implementation of all happy. As for the rest - the game mechanics at least has not changed, it may even become a little better graphics (especially if you turn in tincture) has become clearly better, I'd say stunningly beautiful;) I can still please the fact that the increase in the number of cars, 28 versus 18 in the second part, did not seem like much, but good growth. Turned the game into six languages, Russian is not, but it's not terrible. There was the opportunity to take a career or play on the network, there was a regime with drift, that several varieties of gameplay. Overall - I'm happy, and I hope you enjoy!

Advantages and features of the game Reckless Racing 3:

  • a great sequel and a great game series so
  • 6 different types of roads and trails only 36
  • 28 different vehicles (freight and passenger)
  • Several game modes, including online
  • improved graphics and physics
  • four types of control and gamepad support
  • Excellent voice and music in races
  • Statistics of the results published on the Internet

Disadvantages game Reckless Racing 3:

  • game fee, worth twice the last part - $ 3
  • No free trial version
  • If you unscrew the full schedule, the power of your device will require a lot of
  • Donath there for those who want to buy the car faster, but in fact it requires

The result: an incredible stunning quality of Android-very little and pay three dollars for the opportunity to possess it - it's just a matter of principle, not money. The most important thing that the developers failed in their task, and the third part was even better!


Reckless Racing 3

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4.19★ 83.72%

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2014/11/04 10:28
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