Wake the Cat
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The idea of ​​this colorful puzzle is the need to wake the kitten got into a tangle of threads. The principle of operation you will be clear almost immediately, the first levels of the game are created in the form of a short training to further there were no questions asked. Needless to meet this obuchnie for "cheers", and then gradually begin to appear difficult to overcome them will have to not only think, but also have a good response. If you compare the game with a pool table, a ball of yarn is a ball and a kitten plays the role of the wells in which you want to get into, so to calculate the trajectory, choose the right time to tangle slipped past the moving parts and other obstacles, the number of which is steadily vozrastat.Tak that include brain and give a dream come true kitten - get a ball of yarn until the hostess is sleeping in his chair!

In addition to the amusing and unusual game ideas will be a very beautiful design and a lot of different locations. You know, cats like to sleep in different places in the house, here and you have to go in almost every room. Great physics, very beautiful graphics, attention to detail, lovely animation, bright colors and a lot of pleasant things - I would not believe it, do not be a paid game. Unfortunately it will cost you in the pleasure of 2.5 dollars, but believe me, it's worth the money!

Pros and features of the game Wake the Cat:

  • original idea with a great realization
  • you will be available 90 levels and 3 stars for each
  • Easy Control
  • cute kitten
  • a lot of different jobs and locations
  • very beautiful graphics and animation
  • the game is perfect for both adults and children

Cons Game Wake the Cat:

  • Paid game

Conclusion: love kittens? like puzzles? $ 2 is not a pity? - Swing! With a different scenario, you can search and other puzzles of the same quality, but not the fact that you can find something fundamentally better.


Wake the Cat

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4.22★ 84.31%

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2014/10/27 10:57
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