Lethal Lance
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Platform have become unrestrained classics, but to this day, many developers are trying to bring them to a new life or just do something similar to the immortal classics, as in this case. And a classic it is saturated so that is very much like Mario, that's just a character instead of a mustache has a thick beard and a shotgun! And it already makes the game much more colorful, is not it?

The idea of ​​this primitive platforming to horror, there is no plot, there is some great purpose for which you fight your problem reduces to the ordinary passage of one level after another. Only this process is a little different from the classics. To begin each level you can go to one or three stars, such a feature has appeared relatively recently, the number of stars you receive depends on three components - one you can get if you collect all the coins in the level, and the other if you are not battered and until the end of the level you have reached full set of lives and a third - if you missed during the allotted you to pass the level. At the levels you wait various obstacles, enemies and treasure, discover that you can only find the key. Life is given to three, the first couple is more than enough, but as the complexity levels and increasing the number of enemies who also have weapons to survive is becoming increasingly difficult.

Design of the game.

It is more than ever a classic, strict 2D, drawn graphics, but looks quite nice and most importantly - has a great animation, smooth and dynamic. Overall, fans of the classic platformer game will love, do not have to get used to something new anyway.

Pros and features of the game Lethal Lance:

  • classic, nostalgia
  • dude with a shotgun!
  • passage level during
  • four different worlds
  • more than three dozen levels
  • a lot of different enemies
  • complexity of the game is constantly growing

Disadvantages game Lethal Lance:

  • game fee, costs a little more than a dollar
  • maybe someone already pretty tired of platformers ..

Bottom line: on the one hand we have a good platformer that perfectly optimized and will not embarrass you or given, adware and other "trendy" chips, on the other hand have to pay for it, and whether it is worth paying for classic platformer in which a little more than 30 levels ?


Lethal Lance

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4.02★ 80.47%

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2014/10/20 09:24
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