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The name of the developer who made this game for the android as it alludes to the gameplay - Lohika, that's their name have guessed? This game is absolutely not an ordinary, maybe you met a couple of something similar, but the similarity of this boils down to a game that is framed in an unusual style and is ready to offer you a plague and a very interesting story .. and yes, the game is paid, the issue price - a little more than four dollars.

Genre of this game is difficult to determine, and not need much, you have to deal with the thought process, the result of which - and not very complex mechanisms, the construction of the city and other completed tasks, which then rife. You will find yourself in a world that is inhabited by intelligent mechanisms, robots or cyborgs - not so important, it is important that it is very stylish, clearly drawn, with very high quality and detailed, and obviously is you will not find anywhere else. Action will unfold in the city, here it is full of broken mechanisms that need to be repaired, a lot of opportunities to create something new and a lot of characters that should communicate.

Pros and game features Machineers:

  • style and a cool idea
  • very interesting and moderately complex tasks
  • there are already five episodes will soon have to go a few more
  • Each episode contains 12 puzzles
  • logical sandpit with machinery and electronics
  • conservation can be downloaded on any of your device

Disadvantages games Machineers:

  • Paid game
  • when new episodes come out, they will also be paid

Bottom line: a great game that is worth to buy and spend your time on it, the puzzles do not be scared, they are all made ​​very adequate and a little thought, you will always be able to solve them, so do not be shy and swing!



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3.89★ 77.84%

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2014/10/17 11:02
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