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Games like this are very few, come to mind only Apparatus (incidentally from the same developer, whose name Bithack) and some games based on the designers ... Just compare it with the same LEGO is simply impossible, because there is much better! At times cooler if you please!
On Android, this game came a little later than other platforms, so that it has managed to gain about three million players who literally fanateyut from this game! The reasons for this mass, for example, you can create absolutely any design for which only your imagination will suffice and that's enough available parts, amazing physics game that repeats all the design elements that you will make in his invention, in addition to classical mechanics and electronics there is, which makes the game more difficult and interesting!

Play an important role and the worlds for which you have to design their equipment, they are automatically generated, plus you can always make your own with some unique features. But the developers have not forgotten about the campaign that will offer you already prepared the problem and fully familiar with your capabilities and technological elements that you can use.

Pluses of the game Principia:

  • amazing and unique mechanics
  • ideal physics, you understand intuitively
  • more than two hundred elements of which it is possible to assemble the device
  • more than five dozen levels in campaign mode
  • everything can be customized and remake
  • regular updates
  • a unique system with electronics

Cons of the game Principia:

  • game fee, cost about 3.5 dollars
  • description of the functional elements only in English, but here it is important

Conclusion: an amazing puzzle game that is sure to please everyone who buys it and do not feel sorry for her money, such games is not something that is small, there are almost none, so that it fulfills every cent of its value.



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3.94★ 78.81%

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2014/10/12 10:35
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