Asphalt Overdrive
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It is not necessary to take the game Asphalt Overdrive as a continuation of the eighth race of the Asphalt, which, if I am not mistaken, was called "On the rise", it is a separate project that all concepts is difficult to call the race, but rather a runner runner ... Gameloft also do quite successfully so that we get an attempt to merge two successful genre. Let us get the details.

Design of the game.
Miami, palm trees, fast cars, the predominance of pink and blue on posters ... somewhere I've seen this, for example in the great game Vice City, a series of GTA. Plagiarism is difficult to call it, all the same, probably because all the eighties look, and we find ourselves in those years, which in general is very nice and beautiful, especially if you love the great weather, the coast and palm trees growing along the road. Graphics, as usual in the race by this developer looks great, the animation is also no problem, so that visually worked on five, not otherwise.

The story and the filling of the game.
In the story of your hero is a former stuntman who can not sit still and he decided to start to misbehave on the streets, earning races, participation in which you take not happen. Yet what you have to deal with it is to get away from the police, perform tricks and destroy some of the elements of decor that catch on the way, the occupation is not the most exciting, to be honest. And, as this runner, go have a purely straight rearranging of the strip into the strip. The game added the ability of tuning which is reduced to just three parameters (guess what) and, of course, a garage where you can buy new machines. By the way about cars, many of them quite new (I mean the range) and could not exist in the 80s, but it's forgivable. But apart from not very good gameplay in the game there is one big disadvantage - Donat. It applies to in-game currency, if you want to be rich and buy everything that falls on your eyes and the energy wasted during the game and for a long time is accumulated, with the chip you are too familiar with.

Pros and features of the game Asphalt Overdrive:

  • beautiful picture and design
  • about three dozen cars
  • seven kinds of jobs
  • interesting effects and dynamic soundtrack
  • have the opportunity to play with friends around the world
  • the game is integrated with Facebook, there are statistics
  • have the opportunity to create their own racing gang
  • you can download it free

Disadvantages game Asphalt Overdrive:

  • ubiquitous Donut with energy
  • boring gameplay
  • long loading levels
  • does not work without the Internet
  • blatant use of the well-known name

Conclusion: beautiful and high-quality game, which, unfortunately, get bored and constantly asking for money. Moreover, to get rid of the feeling of deception when waiting for the race and got the runner is very difficult, on the basis of experience is not a good thing that, despite this, has no effect on the game's popularity among fans.


Asphalt Overdrive


4.24★ 84.73%

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2014/10/07 10:41
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