This game was originally a table, only about 10 years ago, she appeared on the computer, but now the time has come, and mobile applications! Moreover, this board game is a little different from the classics of the genre such as a monopoly, it is a full RPG in which there is a specific purpose and only one chance to achieve it! But the game should tell us a bit more, especially for those who are in it have never played.

The game's plot is based on magic, magic, fantasy and everything connected with it. The main and the only aim of all players (which there may be up to four people) is a magic crown, which can only get passed a lot of tests, pump his hero, finding the talisman that will help to find her and, of course, ahead of other players in this difficult lesson.

Such games are quite a lot, so if you've played, you know that the game is decent, if not playing - I recommend to try. In addition, the game is very worthy formalized, well transferred to the mobile platform, but asked for this money, the sum in the region of those dollars, a lot or a little for a great board game - you decide.

Pluses of the game Talisman:

  • ageless classic role-playing games on your mobile phone or tablet
  • the game works on the official rules
  • numerous maps and characters
  • there is a local multiplayer
  • have multiplayer for the game on the Internet
  • for beginners to the game have built a good tutorial
  • all the rules can be read online
  • has a lot of speed settings is happening
  • the game is translated into 6 languages
  • statistics are available achievements and leaderboard

Disadvantages game Talisman:

  • game fee + there will always pay more for that
  • 6 languages ​​translated the game, and on the Russian forgotten

Conclusion: good board game for a reasonable price that is asked, and when you consider the abundance of cards and other game content, the presence of the ability to play online, the mobile version of a very handy thing!




4.01★ 80.12%

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2014/10/06 11:57
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