Hellraid: The Escape
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This game is pretty honest with the user, for which you can say a big thanks to the developers of Shortbreak Studios sc, who know exactly what people want and make the game for them! Yes, it is paid, worth as much as $ 3, but it is only money that you will have to pay. In the game there is no advertising, no domestic purchases which can make your life easier, nothing like that, so it will pay once for the game and forget about it and enjoy the passage!

The game is positioned as a puzzle, but it is not devoid of action, and the action of first-class! The game in general is pretty brutal and it contains a lot of violence, blood and the like, so that the children, I would not recommend it, the rest strongly advise! What to say if all starts as a huge monster chops off your head ??? And watch it and everything else you will in the first person, the way the game begins with the fact that you find yourself in a coffin, which, fortunately, was not boarded up, and you can get out ... You find yourself in the cellars of a medieval castle are full of skeletons, cells, sarcophagi and geocaches, puzzles and many other elements that you have to solve. Have to fight not often, but every fight you remember, your opponents will be difficult because at least they will think! They quickly adapt to your habits and you will never be able to kill them on the machine, each time have to think and be creative. In general, you have to get out of this terrible place and answer some important questions - who you are and how you got there ... to start.

Goodies Games Hellraid: The Escape

  • Each puzzle in this game - a different story, it's very exciting
  • Fight the forces of his brain, a weapon in the past!
  • fascinating and dark story, actually, as the surroundings
  • go anywhere, it's an open world
  • great graphics
  • the game will be regular free updates

Disadvantages games Hellraid: The Escape

  • game fee, worth $ 3
  • English language only, read here need a lot, so do not misjudge it before buying, but it promised to fix in the near future

Conclusion: worth playing, and paid way, but it definitely is worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone who loves quests and gloomy atmosphere of fantasy, rock - you will not regret!


Hellraid: The Escape


4.47★ 89.48%

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2014/10/05 09:13
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