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Name of the game is directly related to children's cartoon of the same name, which is now in its third year zombiruet children with blue screen TVs. But because children are our future, and in the literal and figurative sense, why not start making them today? Why wait when they grow up and was able to become productive members of the society of consumers? So that developers of Bobaka decided it was time to continue the process of zombification and screens of smartphones and tablets, releasing this game on the android as well as on iOS. Needless game "developing", you need to sleep well and to justify its creation in the public eye.
This application includes many different options to take away the child's piece of childhood distracting him on the phone screen, it is the whole game store! Needless to all games come with various parties cartoon, they are stupid, funny and recognizable - the perfect recipe to win the children's attention.

Game room Barboskiny contains the following mini-games:

  • Washing dishes - a very important skill without which the life of your child will turn into a living hell, especially when you yourself will be too lazy to wash the dishes this.
  • Word game - there will be a picture of anything and the letters of which it is necessary to lay down the name of anything.
  • Game account - there will have to memorize the location and contents of cards that first show, and then turned upside down so that you can open two of the same, in fact, a useful thing, but even with her cats cope if desired.
  • And last update - football in which your child will play along with the heroes of the movie, that's just football lag due to poor optimization, so if your child perceives the world without distortion, then from such football matches in delight he obviously did not come, but you can always say that it must be so, let accustomed suddenly after 10 years of all smart phones will lag.

Summarizing written above, we get a more or less decent application that is ready to brainwash your child so that he finally left you alone and the type of "developed" while the battery is seated. Overall, a great option that you can get for less than a dollar, sorry there is no trial version to check beforehand will work or not, the children were such individual;)



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2014/09/21 10:06
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