Perfect Spider-Man
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Experience has shown that to make a decent runner not an easy task, at least they are becoming more and something good appears less and less, especially as a percentage. In this case, all is well, but, as usual with Gameloft, is not no mistakes, which you can close your eyes.

The game's plot.
In general, it is here, at least for Rahner's progress. You are waiting for minute saver in comic style with different characters and all sorts of dialogues, but only in English, but the point is made in any case. But the gameplay plot has a small effect, your job still is the need to run forward, collect power-ups and destroy enemies with bosses.

Graphics, animation and implementation.
Since the game did in Gameloft, then you are in any way feel that this is another result of the pipeline, but in spite of this quality. The graphics are good, but without the frills, because cartoon, though for the characters from the comics fit just right. Smooth animation, nothing you will not find annoying, except for two things. First - there are schools of management that developers have not decided yet, they boil down to the fact that your character will not always respond to your actions ... itself is unpleasant and lead to a loss in most cases. The second point - the basis of the paid part of this game, it is the availability of energy is spent during the run, then recovered with time. For real money you can buy a lot of energy and play without interruptions + will be able to set records in the endless mode in which this energy is also wasted. But without it anywhere, it's Gameloft! :) As for the rest, we have no complaints, moreover, runner looks fresh and in fact really interesting.

Pros and features of the game Perfect Spider-Man:

  • characters from the comics always held in high esteem
  • enough fresh look at the genre and a good implementation
  • what no, but there is a plot!
  • varied and addictive gameplay
  • endless mode and "history" includes 25 levels
  • many different Spider-Man
  • the developers have promised to release a lot of new characters
  • download game for your Android available for free

Cons Perfect Game Spider-Man:

  • Donat is, but without it you can play
  • there are problems with the management, which is likely to fix

Conclusion: a solid four runner that will be corrected when the five control and the five-plus will be removed if the flow of energy in endless mode. It is recommended to all fans of comics and Rahner.


Perfect Spider-Man


4.23★ 84.68%

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2014/09/13 10:04
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