Zombie: Protect the city
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Zombie: Protect the city


Zombies and the city have always been inseparable, so in this strategy you will find the city does not need to be surprised, on the contrary, to rejoice, because in cities there is someone to protect and in the cities a lot of enemies - zombies! Usually when the game theme of zombies you need to save the city, that it happens in the style of the coolest fighters - a lone hero runs through the streets and kill all who will meet in the same time you plan a defense strategy, tactics, rescue survivors, and more generally - a large field of action, do not miss this opportunity!
Which can not but rejoice, because it is a set of tools for the destruction of the dead - there is literally for every taste and color! Priceless flamethrowers that burn your enemies, powerful shotguns to demolish their heads in the event of threats is terrible tanks, artillery support, and even special systems that are ready to cover the selected area of ​​missiles, so that zombies have no chance! But they will only use their advantage - taking the number! City, and all the gameplay made in a futuristic and unusual style, so you can feel like a commander in the far future!

Pros and features of the game Zombie: Protect the city

  • very unusual level design
  • Suck your weapons and troops
  • a great blend of strategy and TD
  • so you do not get bored - there are three levels of difficulty and mode "Survival"
  • each card (city) made with manic details, there's not the school have
  • enemies will be very much
  • large variety of weapons and troops
  • on each map you will need to change the strategy of fighting
  • tactics have also changed depending on the selected troops

Cons Zombies game: Protect the city:

  • game fee, currently worth a dollar, but could grow
  • English language only if it does not know - it would be difficult to understand

Conclusion: nice and very interesting game, sometimes complex and paid, but in spite of this good and interesting - I recommend!


Zombie: Protect the city

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4.14★ 82.7%

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2014/08/24 10:12
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