Bik - A Space Adventure
4.1 (18)
Bik - A Space Adventure


When I first saw this game it was, frankly, shocked. And when I learned that the game everything else is paid, that my emotions did not know the limit, but, as shown, in general, I was wrong.
But the first impression of this game makes is terrible. Retro games with pixels on the screen already firmly in our everyday life and constantly flashing on Android, but most of them are moderately interesting, and all that remains of the old times - the story or the gameplay ... but in our case, all somehow just otherwise. This game really looks like something twenty years ago, working with computers on punch cards, nothing else! And this cave style has been retained in absolutely everything - graphics with terrible pixel, yellow, white or blue text «System», menus, buttons, strange effects and everything, I noticed only one discrepancy - music, it's not jarring, for that a huge thank you to the developers. By the way music creates an extraordinary impression, literally adjusts to the atmosphere of those years, the cosmos, the unknown, and all such other things ...

Despite the aggressive graphics wretchedness which hints that the game is played in antiquity is nothing wrong about the plot, I can not say. At least he is here, sometimes can be a little understood (again because of the graphics and only the English language), but the general idea is clear and it is sure to intrigue you. By the way the sounds in the game quite a bit, there is no dialogue at all - will have to read the subtitles, but it's easier to understand a language if it is not your first language.
So that's the story. The plot here is quite complicated and involves kidnapping the boy aliens, conspiracy corporations, unexpected acquaintances, strong friendship, adventure, a planet on the brink of destruction, and many more, not even a little for today's games!
Game is the same process control characters that will go to different locations and solve various puzzles, household, collecting items and battling monsters. The whole process is quite understandable, except the situation when you are in thought what a thing is shown on the screen, but it is not part of the puzzle, it's graphics.

Goodies Games Bik - A Space Adventure:

  • classic style which stood at 100%
  • cool story
  • aliens and space
  • adequate gameplay and intuitive
  • very cool background music

Cons games Bik - A Space Adventure:

  • do not say - terrible graphics
  • 99 cents which will have to pay to play

Conclusion: here and the time has come when you need a close eye on personal impressions and unambiguously decide whether the game for money. On the one hand we have almost rock paintings that descended on the screen of your android, and on the other side of the story addictive and if you have not opened epilepsy, you will not notice this as a zombie music leave the game for a few hours, so 99 cents per such impressions is no money.


Bik - A Space Adventure


4.12★ 82.38%

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2014/08/20 10:28
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