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The director of such films as "Face" or "Mission: Impossible" has decided to take part in the game project, lit up when creating the game Bloodstroke, fortunately the developers in this case is also famous - from Chillingo International!

Do not judge this game strictly, it was created as a vision of the world the legendary director, it is somewhat futuristic, easy in some aspects and, of course, contains a lot of blood and action, which the director and famous! Not hiding emotions developers offer everyone who buys this game to paint streets of the town red! And this is not a weak statement!

Plot there is also decent, you can feel the work of the director. Your hero - Security agent named Lotus will perform their job and try to save the life entrusted to him by the object. In one hand you have a gun, a knife in the other, this set and you have to break through the streets of Hong Kong and Beijing to do everything you can. Besides, this is the first agent job, so express yourself and not ruin it - your sacred duty!

It is also worth noting that the game is very stylish as well as in the movie "Sin City" you will find here only 3 colors - white, black and red. Graphics, on the one hand simple, on the other hand, a very original and memorable, in general, the game will hook anyway!

What's good is waiting for you in the game Bloodstroke:

  • Protect your property at any cost
  • wide arsenal of knives and pistols
  • much violence!
  • unique style

What's not to like about the game Bloodstroke:

  • little of what she paid (pay a dollar per game this is acceptable), so help you enjoy many more premium content ... mockery!

Conclusion: the desire to feel in the hands of artists whose only red paint here can meet, but only have to pay initially and even then, as it spoils the experience.



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2014/08/13 11:52
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