Wizard of War
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The yard was in 1980-1981 year, the popularity of computers was single, there were very few games, but one of them was a game Wizard of Wor, hard to say about her, something impressive by itself, it has not received any awards (if it was not) , had an audience of millions, while many people around the world do not play on the computer ... you can not hide to say that it was quite primitive, but is not it amazing that something like that appeared today?
Thank for this is a funny name developers Bug404.com, who not only remember this game, but, apparently, are big fans of it! That's just the name changed, it was Wor, became War, but the meaning is not changed, only the graphics, a little ...

By the way in addition to the graphics here comes the multiplayer mode that nonsense for such games, but it is. Gameplay was still incredibly simple, but with unique features peculiar, perhaps, only the games in those years. So if you are willing to accept the fact that the game has more than 30 years, it will certainly bring you great pleasure!

What good is a game Wizard of War:

  • a real rarity, a remake, to be exact
  • There are several game modes
  • unique dungeon
  • quite beautiful graphics (compared to the original)
  • the opportunity to fight with other players
  • good optimization
  • convenient operation converted discount on touch screens

Cons Game Wizard of War:

  • Well ... no one says that the game is fine, it is still primitive and has its flaws, so it would be a great disadvantage if you did not like the original

Conclusion: The game of the genre classics which are sometimes a little annoying, it seems that people are too lazy to do something new, but it is only as long as you do not meet the very game in which the 10-20 or even 30 years ago, played for days, only this case, you will understand who and why they need it! By the way the video refers to the classic game;)


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