Modern Combat 5: Eclipse
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Modern Combat 5: Eclipse


Who would not say that, but Gameloft games can do, especially if he wants to, though most of them are kind of like free, but imbued with the spirit of "Pay and live in peace," but there are some projects are working on a long time, efficiently and immediately ask for money, and not the smallest amount. Such as Modern Combat 5: Eclipse will cost you $ 6.5, by the standards of the androids are not so little, but for the money you get a lot of interesting things.

You should start with graphics that there simply is impressive, you can tell the next generation, if that term can be applied to mobile platforms. Quite an interesting situation turns when something that fits in your pocket can catch up on the schedule for at least the last console generation, perhaps it's time to get used to it. To some extent we can say that this is the game and shows what they are capable in Gameloft, for which, of course, a big thanks to them. And the basic feel of the game are rooted not so much in the schedule, but in how it is implemented, all very smoothly and fast optimization ideal world around you thought out to the smallest detail, we can say that it is interactive, because many items are crumbling, moving from there are traces of bullets, blood, which will depart from your enemies is also made very real, in general - a delight!

The plot of the game: the game is divided into two main sections - the single missions and battle alongside your friends. During the single-player missions, you'll fight against a dangerous terrorist threatening world security, will visit different parts of the world and be able to fully evaluate the possibilities of the game. If you prefer to play with real people, then create your squad and fight against the same, participating players from around the world!

Pluses of the game Modern Combat 5: Eclipse

  • There are four types of soldiers who need to pump
  • pumping soldiers conducted on different tactics, how - you decide
  • very comfortable and interesting mode for online play
  • have global chat
  • statistics are available with leaders
  • regularly hosts special events where you can get valuable prizes
  • your character will gain experience in both network and single mode
  • to enjoy steep trunks first have to learn to deal with the usual
  • some of the weapons you can customize and upgrade
  • a special mode for "Special Forces" that will make you play to its limits
  • obviously one of the best dates for mobile platforms
  • beautiful soundtrack
  • convenient and adequate management

Cons of the game Modern Combat 5: Eclipse

  • Paid game in all respects
  • if there is no stable connection to the internet you can not play even in single mission ...
  • no opportunity to fight in the battles to local wi-fi with your friends
  • the story itself is missing here, just shoot ;)

Conclusion: The game itself is great with a revolutionary graphics, which technically is worth the money, but objectively if you do not have direct and fast connection to the internet - you will be uncomfortable to play, so weigh your desires and possibilities before buying this game.


Modern Combat 5: Eclipse

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2014/08/03 10:45
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