Traps n 'Gemstones
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This is the first game from the developer paid a very good name - Donut Games, and decided to make it in retro style! According to the graph, it is very similar to Diamond Rush, that's just the game is very old and the new, new everything except the graphics, anyway such games have become popular, so we'll see how good this. By the way the main character is somewhat reminiscent of the hero very famous adventure movies - Indiana Jones, he is also wearing a hat and knows how to wield a whip, imagine that's what he is ;)

The game's plot revolves around the ancient pyramids of which began to disappear very valuable relics, hundreds of Bedouins who guard them gossiping about a very crafty criminal who was able to bypass all the guards and quietly steal them ...
Your hero - a famous archaeologist, who decided to help the Bedouins and solve the mystery!

Will start with empty hands, but a pyramid full of surprises, so you can easily find a weapon, and other tools. The main weapon will be your whip, but the farther you go into the pyramid the more you have to use cunning and logic, as well as explosives!

Pros and game features Traps n 'Gemstones:

  • very convenient operation which is called D-pad
  • you can run anywhere, the game does not differ linearity of the plot, all at your fingertips
  • developers have the same moment that you will die often, so do not have to start every time from the beginning
  • convenient inventory and map pyramids
  • gameplay is varied - you have to run, swim, fight, ride a trolley and slide down slides
  • no additional payment, pay once and enjoy
  • the game is very important sound that is adapted to the surrounding environment of your hero

Cons Game Traps n 'Gemstones:

  • somewhat bored retro style
  • game fee, costs about $ 5

Conclusion: good and interesting game, but as for all the good - you have to pay, so if you're a fan of retro style and spared no means to pleasure, all for you!


Traps n 'Gemstones


3.75★ 75.04%

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2014/07/31 11:19
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