Guardians of the Galaxy: Weapons
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Guardians of the Galaxy: Weapons


What is a bit surprising in Marvel Games, despite their abilities and skills, they make the game quite simple, good graphics but not the most modern, in any case I've seen far more impressive products made ​​on this topic, so when there was a paid game for a decent amount at $ 4.99, I thought that this time we are waiting for something difficult, but I was mistaken.

In any case, the game will get its popularity at least due to the fact that is made on the basis of a new film Guardians of the Galaxy, which started in the worldwide box office on July 21. This story is about a team of intrepid travelers who fights with various villains threaten the security of outer space and its inhabitants. In my opinion the only character who pulls the entire movie would have to pull this game raccoon, but early in the game for it you do not succeed, you can only continue to unlock it, cruel world!

The plot of the game: in space showed up villain who wants to take possession of dangerous weapon and throw everything and everyone into chaos, but Star Lord will not allow it, we know it brought together a team under your leadership, he sends you to destroy the villain and prevent these terrible events. Your team will consist of four characters that concerted action can defeat any opponent!

The gameplay here is very simple, in fact, it consists of a menu in which you can improve their characters and watch their stats, small comics that perform a liaison role in the plot and the arenas in which you will have to throw, while the arena is your task to kill all who are there come running when all enemies are defeated - the level is passed.

Pros and features of the game Guardians of the Galaxy: Weapons

  • paying for the game you do not need a penny more, no other purchases
  • the game does not require internet connection
  • just waiting for you 25 characters
  • the story will take you across the galaxy and allow to fight on six dozen levels
  • you can play just like the arena and take on the story
  • Suck his characters and help them learn new combos
  • the game is translated into all major languages
  • share their achievements on Facebook
  • defeat all the most famous heroes of the galaxy MARVEL

Guardians of the Galaxy game Cons: Weapons

  • $ 4.99 is a decent amount, and I would like to understand what we pay her
  • from MARVEL always want something more ...

Conclusion: good, but quite expensive game, which can justify the purchase of a reference to the film, so if you liked it or like it, but if it is close to the eyes, it is no less interesting and free weight counterparts!


Guardians of the Galaxy: Weapons


3.45★ 68.97%

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2014/07/26 10:03
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