Leo's Fortune
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This incredibly beautiful game made in 3D platforming genre, that is, something with echoes of the classics but in a modern style, which ignore or hand does not rise, nor eye closes. What can I say, the schedule here is unprecedented beauty, virtually the same as on the next-generation consoles.

The plot of the game: you have to play for the dear creature named Leopold, or just Leo, it looks like a shaggy ball with eyes and a mustache, he beautiful turquoise color and can be inflated to allow you to plan the air or stuck in the aisles due to the pressure on the wall . In the story, Leo was very rich, he had a lot of gold, but one day when he returned home, he found that some scoundrel stole every last drop, but left behind a long trail of gold coins, which obviously should lead you to unraveling of this incident!

Graphics and levels: as has already been written, the schedule here is just awesome, every leaf, every blade of grass and every stone you can see, every hair on your character is also quite distinguishable, in general it must be seen! Levels also gorgeous, each of them thoroughly thought out and made by hand, which actually makes the game unique consistency technology and human ingenuity. You will visit the picturesque meadows, interesting caves, abandoned mines and in the city. Score your passing level depends on how fast you do it and what attempts, but believe me, when you pass the game for the first time, you will not chase the results will be interesting to get to the next level at any cost! Also, you should be afraid of cunning traps and intricate mechanisms that will meet you all the time! By the way after you finish the game opens a new mode ;)

Pluses of the game Leo's Fortune:

  • naikruteyshego schedule
  • a great story
  • the perfect,
  • magnificent voice and musical accompaniment

Disadvantages game Leo's Fortune:

  • a bit like how implemented unsuccessful moments when our hero swoops such as spines, somehow painfully childish ... although it is possible that part of their audience
  • game fee, costs $ 4.99, but it is worth it

Conclusion: The game is worth the money and even more, but at the moment the number of installations does not exceed one thousand, but hope for the best and join the army of fans!


Leo's Fortune


4.04★ 80.88%

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2014/07/12 10:37
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