Die For Metal Again
4.1 (47)

Die For Metal Again


Platformer made in a very original style and literally speaking to you, love heavy metal? - Pay a dollar and a half! Yes yes, the game is paid, the first part was also paid, apparently necessary demand she dialed, so that the second part will not change anything fundamentally steel.

Here are the foundations laid in the creation of the game Die For Metal Again:

  • heavy metal
  • gloomy atmosphere
  • symbols of the devil
  • cruelty
  • loud cries
  • Blood and body

Original set, is not it? =) The idea of ​​the game insanely easy, your job is to wade through the levels to get to the skull totem some cloven-hoofed likely - goat. Levels awaits you are obstacles, particularly spikes, saws, abyss, opponents, etc., etc.. I want to mention the audacity developers - getting on any such obstacle your hero dies instantly, the level will take place again. Benefit levels are fairly short.

Features Die For Metal Again:

  • just a game has 45 levels
  • waiting for you three Cruel World
  • three battles with bloodthirsty bosses
  • soundtrack contains 16 songs of Novembers Doom, These Are They and several other

Conclusion: I basically did not list the shortcomings of the game, although they are, believe me, but it does not matter. As well as the dignity, because everything important thing in the game and what you need to know who wants to buy it - the music! Gorgeous selection of hard metal, which is not to everyone, but if you like - you actually have to buy this game ;)


Die For Metal Again


4.1★ 82.04%

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2014/06/18 11:39
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