The Cave
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Delight - that is the feeling you will experience in the very first minutes of playing time, and this experience will not be mistaken, this time any pitfalls or nuances, only delight and pleasant experience! Everyone who was going to play this masterpiece should be understood that this is not just a quest or just an adventure, it's a huge world, the world of interactive, he practically live at this is a closed space, which developers called simply - a cave.
To start is to say about the developer Double Fine Productions is that without outside help could not have achieved such grandeur, and so outside help is quite specific name - Ron Gilbert! In this project, he acted as the lead designer and it explains a lot. This gifted computer game developer known for its loud and successful projects, he has long collaborated with LucasArts, and so there you could never see something that lacks style! So in our case, the world designed to the incredible detail and trivia, every creak, every sound, every speck of dust and the subject - the result of a talented work that is impossible not to appreciate.
From myself, I note that the game is somehow reminded old, but no less famous and also in all a great quest Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, which could play the first Play Station or a PC in those years. By the way The Cave also appeared first on the PC and only then got up and android. By the way you can not call it a port, a second does not happen where you feel that the game was not written for the architecture of android, everything works perfectly.

Plot: The story here is very interesting and fancy that talk is available to you a team of seven characters, each of which has its own history and motives that push it down in a dark dungeon and solve a lot of puzzles. Yes, and the cave itself is packed full of interesting places and puzzles, secrets and minor characters.

Graphics and mechanics: it here at the height holds all as surround platformer, all too efficiently, even horizon traced to the smallest detail. Each character has its own characteristics and even moving in its own way and each movement perfected to the smallest detail.

Gameplay: As already mentioned, there is a team of seven characters - a monk, twin traveler, time traveler knight, scholar and a redneck. But through the game you will be a group of three people, so let's imagine how many cases this involves teams? There is quite a logical question - who wants to pass the game as many times? - Yes, everyone who download it! Replay value here is fantastic, but you yourself want to know the history of each, know what exactly he wants to reveal all the secrets of the cave and what he wants to achieve.

Slightly negative:
the game has only two drawbacks are called deficiencies problematic. To start the game is designed for advanced and powerful device, but it is to be expected, so it's silly to be offended. The second drawback - it is paid. Price is a little more than 5 $ for it by paying this amount you will not see advertising and you do not need other attachments, but the game is definitely worth the money, and it costs much larger sum, I agree that there is no free lunch, and in this context the game is what cheese!

Conclusion: One of the best quests in the market android which you can buy a little more than $ 5. In general, watch the trailer and purchase questions you disappear immediately. And then, if your device pull the game, apart from the pleasure you will get nothing, and the pleasure is very long!


The Cave


4.16★ 83.21%

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2014/06/12 12:31
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