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Today we look at an exciting turn-based strategy Worms 3 from studio Team 17.

Originally the game was developed exclusively for IOS, but now reached and green robot.

When you first start you will be prompted to enter the name of the team, to go a little training and synchronize with one of social networks, if you want to go directly to the game, then just close the pop-up window.

Like all parts, you will be offered to manage a team of brave worms, fighting for their territory and colleagues.

Locations are represented by the beautiful landscape, slopes and hills. In addition to the already existing were added: the beach, sewage and farm.

For the outbreak of hostilities, you need to create a team and set it in his own taste, by an ordinary soldier, scientist or scout. In the store you can purchase additional hats or other things.

Huge arsenal of weapons, as befits Worms, then you and the melee hit, Dynamite and crushing bazooka.

The game has several game modes, a campaign in which there are 27 different missions, fast play, fight training and others.

Also included is the ability to play online, as with opponents from around the world and with your friends with Facebook or Google Plus, for the latter, as I said, you need to be synchronized with the data soc. networks.

Management presented on-screen buttons, it is simple and convenient, do not dwell on it.

Graphics and sound are made at a high level, as well as in all the latest games.

Well let's summarize, Worms 3 truly great strategy, which is known to all players prakicheski, Part 3 incorporates the best of the previous versions, while keeping the most important thing for millions of Iroko loved series of games about worms, of course it's gameplay.

The game is already available in Google Play store for 150 rubles.

Thanks for watching, good luck to all!


Worms 3


4.02★ 80.46%

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2014/06/10 14:12
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