Invincible Knight
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If you are not familiar with the work of Gameloft, it is downright weird, because this is like no other developer is associated with the concept of "pipeline" thing invented by Henry Ford. They make a lot of games, and regularly! Games from major developers always have a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages, but more on that later.

First, let's look at the game itself. The idea and the plot is simple, your hero - poor knight of a kingdom, all that he has - courage, valor, a simple harness and a desire to achieve something more. So he begins to participate in knightly tournaments, in that their versions where two knights on horseback dispersed at each other and meet each challenge - to drive the enemy out of the saddle special lance. It is assumed that your character will take a long way from the beginner to the poor rich legends of the kingdom by defeating all the other knights. But the story here is not so important, so it's time to consider the merits of the game Invincible Knight

  • beautiful graphics, which has become customary for this developer
  • tolerably physics, it is clearly not negative causes
  • opportunities leveling your character - horses, lances, armor, power and even stripes
  • beautiful landscapes of the Middle Ages
  • great sound and voice related moments

But there are downsides, and not a few:

  • Gameloft = download for free and pay for bonuses in the game if you want to be on a horse
  • if you find fault with the historical accuracy, then here it is full of inconsistencies
  • everything that happens in the game pretty quickly tired, drab, so to speak
  • the game does not feel like something special and distinctive, conveyor felt like never before

Conclusion: if you want to stay a little longer knight and ride horses, and quite high quality and well - swing, but you quickly get bored. If you are not willing to pay for bonuses and gain - this game is you do not need, at least there is always something else to spend the money, besides in-game purchases can continue indefinitely, as opposed to just buy the game you paid once. But perhaps there are those who enjoy the game much - if you want to be a knight and dominate opponents (by the way there is an opportunity to fight online against other players), and you are willing to spend a little money regularly to your dominance was absolute - you are here ;)

Attention! The game contains a cache path: sdcard / Android / obb


Invincible Knight


3.99★ 79.78%

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2014/06/08 10:13
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