Monument Valley
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Hello, friends!

Today we look at the fascinating arcade Monument Valley.

The game is a mix of incredible architecture and geometry. We offer princess manage and maintain its wonderful world.

With these beautiful world you can interact, turning and moving all around, to go further.

The main goal - to get to the top of the tower, while not falling into the hands of black crows.

The plot, in turn, tells us about the silent wandering Princess Ida, who wants to go on and fight to the end.

The game has a small number of levels, and she has a hidden location trails and optical illusions.

Graphics and sound component developers spent a lot of time working. Since each meter card combines three-dimensional set konsturktsy glowing illusions and highly detailed elements of palaces and temples.

Sound is closely tied to the gameplay landscapes create sound effects to your every action. In order to immerse themselves in the game, it is best to use headphones.

Intuitive control, you need to move the right touch of the screen, and to interact with objects need some time to hold your finger on the display.

In general, in Monument Valley played easily, so everyone can freely pass it and get a lot of positive emotions.

Popular game resources appreciate this masterpiece maximum points, and estimates on Google Play only confirm this.

Well let's summarize, Monument Valley is one of the best puzzle games in the app store for Android. Excellent animation, simple operation, changing the sound effects - all strengths of the game.

If you're a fan of games such as Badland that our editorial staff strongly recommends the purchase of Monument Valley in the store Google Play Store, by the way the price is 130 rubles.

On this I have everything.

Thanks for watching, good luck to all!


Monument Valley


4.44★ 88.77%

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2014/05/24 07:21
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