Heroes of Order & Chaos
4.3 (114)
Heroes of Order & Chaos


The main point of the game - to attack the enemy base, they are well fortified and well protected, so make it your own is unlikely to succeed, but it is for such situations and friends are united with which you will be able to sweep away everything that will meet on your way! Itself, you can pump your character to battle from the battle, he became stronger and learned many new skills. Actions in the game is very dynamic, so be prepared for unprecedented activity and do not forget that the more comfortable to play on powerful devices!
The game takes place in a fantasy land near Haradona Sinskaaldskogo where fault has always ruled the soldiers, they did not know what death is, hunger or fatigue - they are warriors of chaos and order, they only fight to prove who is stronger, and join you in this endless war !

Features Heroes of Order & Chaos:

  • a propensity to delay the game because of their incredible gameplay
  • your choice, there are three dozen characters, each one is unique, there are wizards, knights and many others
  • you can pump several characters and change them as needed
  • Distribute the experience after each battle
  • equipment to develop your enemies and had no chance
  • besides online games you can play in single mission
  • develop their own unique combat tactics and become invincible
  • If the game with friends - develop team strategy and the world know about you and your skills!


Heroes of Order & Chaos


4.31★ 86.24%

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2014/05/04 10:21
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