Running Shadow
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Runner, namely, in this genre the game is positioned, there was always something purely simple but moving, and this attracted many players to their side. But the simplicity of it sooner or later get bored and want more. For such cases, and provided these games, because in addition to running around here waiting for you all the elements of the genre Games RPG, story soaked in mysticism and mystery, as well as weight levels which hide all sorts of intrigue and mysterious events.

Your hero is a classic assassin, luck favors him and agility knows no bounds! Thief of it turned out just gorgeous, but luck and skill is not his only trump card, the main thing - it has a unique artifact - a magical glove that he had kidnapped some gloomy ancient cult worshiping sect. But along with this glove came to him and unprecedented ability, and using which you will pass level after level! A levels here very entertaining! Superbly traced ancient castles, scary dungeon, futuristic location, and more, no less important tasks, they just plunged to shock you!

Features Running Shadow:

  • a large number of different locations from inspirational castles to city jail
  • story will bring you to two dozens of characters that will impress your imagination
  • wear and kit your hero as you like, there are eight complete sets and their variations
  • interesting approach to battles, different opponents
  • Your character can learn special tricks
  • Suck his ability to master the magic and it really helps you
  • over three hundred items to be collected! or rather steal ... but it does not matter ;)

Attention! The game contains a cache path: sdcard / Android / obb


Running Shadow


4.14★ 82.8%

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2014/04/09 10:44
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