Cloud Raiders
4.6 (89)


The game was originally conceived in the strategy genre with elements of action, but that the new can come up with in such an old genre? New lot and can not come up, but the genre to a new level, you can display, as it turned out. Achieve this were not so easy, because these things are made up of several components. In this case, the strengths of the game became a graphic that is too clear and bright for such games is incredibly exciting plot, which strategies are usually not known, and finally the difficult mission that vyzhmut of you all the juice - the one element which allows to fully implement the action and make You love this game!

The plot takes you into the distant and beautiful land, usually in places life is simply wonderful, and there is no problem, but not this time! All of this land is literally sky dotted with large and small islands that hover there and belong to someone ... How do you think, what is your problem? Needless to capture all the islands! But before attacking others you should preoccupy the defense of their island to be sure it is safe while you are away. Turn it into a fortress of sorts through the fortifications and guns, artifacts and cunning traps. Fences is your island from enemies, you can start capturing neighbors and encroach on distant lands!

Features Cloud Raiders:

  • a large number of interesting missions
  • Play against other players and alliances to unite
  • numerous awards for active players
  • perform special missions to improve their technique or troops
  • incredible amount of characters - from looters with axes to golems and dragons!
  • bosses that you will not forget, they will literally be your dream!


Cloud Raiders


4.63★ 92.64%

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2014/03/03 10:14
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