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Hello friends, you watch the videos on the channel ANDROIDISHE reviews.

Today, we look at all the adventures of the famous ninja turtles in a wonderful arcade game: ROOFTOP RUN.

The team nickelodeon natsonets-you did a version for Android, I think for you will not be surprised that she was IOS dostvpna in April of this year.

Nevertheless, she came out and we try to figure out whether to spend 130 rubles.

So, the game has a side view, but the graphics are still the whole volume, so it's not smushaet.

On the dark streets of offers to play for Leo, Donnie, Raph, and Mikey.

Your task is to collect glowing orbs that replenish your supply of life and energy. Pryshkov used to tap on the screen, the way you can do three jumps at once.

Also on the way you'll meet the villains who want to destroy them by clicking on the jump.

In the arsenal of weapons available to you a lot, which opens as the game progresses, it is possible to improve and update, as well as equipment turtle.

The developers promise a little Donati, but what's true or not you need to check and pass game.

Updates to the game should not be long in coming, at least as promised.

In general, a good all-runner with an arcade, but the price tag of 130 rubles is clearly too much, especially since the game is quickly bored.

What do you think about this game, leave your opinion in the comments. On this I have all, thanks for watching all the luck!




3.75★ 74.94%

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2013/10/01 16:13
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