Dragons of Eternity HD
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Dragons of Eternity HD


You will find a bright fantasy world, implemented in the style of the best MMORPG of our time, and they lack the market, so that was where to take the case and had time to think about the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Due to the fact that the game is cross-platform, you can start on the android, and continue in the browser on your home computer, no matter how, it is important that ;)

The plot tells you the story of a terrible war that broke out between the two former enemies and true evil that threatens them both. There were two large and powerful empire, one called Sadar, the second shafts, they were often bloody war in the hope of getting control of the area of ​​land under the name Tart, but one day the war ended. The reason for this was not an armistice and not a victory of one party, the reason turned out to be much worse - a third force was not considered to anyone and was from the very hell, carrying the wrath and the curse of the ancient gods. The two former enemies could do nothing but to unite to get a little chance to survive the terrible enemy that everyone had long since forgotten.

Features Dragons of Eternity HD:

  • more than three dozen beautiful locations
  • more than fifty additional locations
  • swords and magic meet in battle
  • Three classes of characters
  • Dragons hand ;)
  • dozens of options to arm and defend their hero
  • Hundreds of gadgets
  • more than a thousand special assignments
  • nearly one hundred mini-games
  • many special events


Dragons of Eternity HD


3.05★ 60.92%

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2013/09/05 10:43
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