Sea Battle Online
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Sea Battle Online


So to all those who missed the stroma of the good sea battle - here! Fight against your friends or thousands of players from around the world are waiting for you to challenge and sink more ships.

Besides the obvious gameplay the game has some of the features that have made it much more pleasant to read and use in general.

  • the game is the avatar, so you can express your personality by putting a particular picture in your profile until you get to have recognized and feared
  • needless to add to the game rating, which is very, very motivating you to play more and win, rising to the top of the step-by-step
  • you can send special invitations to other players, so that not every battle will take place with a random person
  • so you can create a game and protect it with a password, will be able to enter only dedicated players ;)
  • The mode of team play, opening some new features
  • you can bring players to the list of your friends in-game, it's easier to find them and communicate, play only with those with whom you are comfortable!
  • for other communication to the game added even chat with smiley support, it will allow a chat and learn a lot about the other players, as well as pass the time between fights


Sea Battle Online


3.54★ 70.72%

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2013/08/14 10:16
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