Bike for android


Cool toy for those who love bikes, Stickman and all sorts of obstacles and suggests that cycling trial. Ready to wear a helmet and risk bones?


A tough game with a very interesting design, the essence of which is reflected in the title game - the background paper here, a bicycle painted, but do not think that this is a simple game ... just the opposite!


If you like a two-wheeled transport, but pretty tired of the roar of engines and pollution of the environment, there is a way - a bicycle! Show what you can do!


Game Stickman Downhill is the next chapter in the life of our indefatigable friend Stickman, who has tried all kinds of sports, but the developer a different view on this, so now you have to do daunhilom, as if to say easier - sliding down the mountain on a great bike and prepared, where this is heading can guess ;)


Adrenaline and speed will bring into your life is a game Megabike Extended, which is considered one of the best 3D games involving bicycles. Take part in a major championship, beat all previous records with new ones, and conquer the stars, and all the possible rewards of this event.


Game Pumped BMX, despite the simple graphics are very complex and fascinating, and the simplicity of graphics made ​​exclusively for the benefit of incredible physics and dynamics of the situation. This "simulator" BMX certainly appeal to many, and in particular, the real riders.


Game MegaRamp The Game is a huge playground for stunt from around the world, but should give a nod to modernity are to perform stunts on a skateboard and BMX! Stunts, scary fall a long and hard road to professionalism and optimized for a smartphone Sony.

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