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Samsung Internet


The Samsung Internet application on Android is a browser, at least if it can be called so, because the functionality of this is much higher. Equally, what to call a Jedi light sword a sword or a club, but more on that later. It's worth starting with developers, however, here too, without surprises, as in their role stands the corporation Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., known to the whole world thanks to a huge range of electronics, which it literally filled the market.

Everyone knows a company like Samsung, especially when it comes to tablets or mobile phones on an android. I will not say that now they continue to lead, because this is not so, however, for a very long time they were leading and even now sales are higher than the roof. Once they did really not expensive and very cool phones, now everything has changed a little, cheap and cool - in China, in Korea, where Samsung comes from, too cool, but already expensive and with its features, which can be safely attributed " Stolen "ideas on flagships and low quality budget models, but what Samsung does not take away is a competent approach to software, an example of which can serve this utility, which offers you convenience, comfort, performance and even security ... in the format Browser!

Application features:

  • Security - wide privacy settings, passwords, deletion of stories and so on
  • Convenience - the ability to block all unnecessary and customize the remaining
  • Perfect optimization for Samsung devices (it's logical!)
  • The ability to automatically log into your account
  • Notification and quick access settings
  • And yet, like coffee in a good company, it's all free, you already paid for the development, and even overpaid if you have the phone of this firm in your hands;)

Disadvantages of the application:

  • Do not even try to put it on your competitors, it will not work!
  • As it often happens, some updates do not like everyone ...

The bottom line: it is difficult to say something concrete, because on most phones there is nothing like this, while the world does not collapse and people continue to use them without experiencing any problems. However, if you are close to corporate policy and the spirit of one of the largest Korean corporations, you can download the Samsung Internet application and become one step closer to them.


Samsung Internet



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2017/04/14 10:26
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