The main idea of ​​this app - to turn the drawing process (which can be boring) is now a game in which you draw the characters, to be exact - of insects!
The advantage of these games is an obvious saving because you do not have to buy the paint! The game is also free, but costs less than two dollars, and how much are the paints? album? brushes? How many times will you wash things .. carpet .. wallpaper ... pets? In general, the real paint is a real disaster, many will agree with this, paint is virtual - it is perfect and without consequences!
And do not think that this is another similarity peint, yes there is something like it, but there are more and coloring - kids love them! There is a mini-game, it will also allow fun without leaving the application, it is convenient when everything is at hand. It is also very interesting solution was to add the ability to drag colored insects in those same mini-game, so color the way you like it and watch how your insect performs simple tasks.

Special attention should ease application and a very beautiful design. The graphics here are mainly static, but everything is done very nicely, nice menu, beautiful tassels, blotches real photos - all in place creates a special mood, so many adults are happy to take part in this process with your child.

Pros and application possibilities Bug Art:

  • Simple menu, simple drawing, everything is intuitive
  • complete freedom of action, as a real paper
  • more than two dozen drawing tools
  • more than ten different backgrounds
  • four dozen labels that will help give the picture a special kind
  • Beautiful high resolution graphics
  • many different fun background music
  • You can start different profiles
  • translation into 13 different languages
  • great focus on the children - no advertising, no shopping, parental control

Cons Apps Bug Art:

  • application fee, the price will be less than two dollars

Outcome: developers know what to ask for money in this case, and I fully agree with them, the app is very convenient and comfortable on all sides, so that is perfect in terms of both parents and for young artists!


Bug Art


3.95★ 78.98%

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2014/11/10 10:35
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