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Internet has long been filled with pseudo-photographers who are just good at processing photos and nothing more, but if the vast majority do not see the difference, then why do not you focus on creating good and excellent self portraits? This program is just made for such cases, and in spite of the implementation of the fun is a very powerful editor that is able to get up to the capable hands of wonders! Thanks to this program you can create portraits on the level of glossy magazines, in fact, spending a minimum of effort on it. But all these advantages and capabilities of the program, there is one logical Facetune minus - she paid, and costs about $ 3, but it's really worth your money!

The idea of the program is to Facetune full confidence of developers in that each photo can be improved, and for this you do not need a fancy version of Photoshop with a bunch of add-ons in the hands of a professional, you need to have the original photo, a little time and a desire to make the world more beautiful;)

What can program Facetune:

  • turn any smile in Hollywood, and even have the opportunity to align teeth
  • treat the skin on the image and make it be what you would like to
  • view becomes more expressive eyes or change their color;)
  • You can change the undesirable elements of the face (cheekbones, a crooked nose, and so on)
  • apply makeup if it does not exist on the photo
  • change the light and add effects
  • use special filters
  • rotate, reflect or mirror image do
  • ready to submit photos to your friends
  • add individual tags and filters

Conclusion: as already mentioned, the program is worth the money, that's just it is necessary, in principle, to pay for the opportunity to retouch your self? But it is up to you;)




4.33★ 86.6%

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2014/08/14 10:13
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