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Hello everyone, etc


And today we'll talk about the upgrade of mobile application store, Google Play.

Version 4.6.16 has received not only new features, but also slightly updated design.

Let's start with the new features, you can now choose to install multiple applications, this feature will be useful for those who often change the custom firmware, and therefore have to re-install many applications.

After removal of any application anywhere in the list, you stay in the same place and do not go back to the beginning, as it was implemented earlier.

In previous versions, users could include automatically add widgets to the desktop, the new version of this function has been replaced with icons adding new applications or games.

As for the design, now it looks more concise and integrated into the overall interface Android KitKat. In addition, an adjustment item and reference shifted to the main menu, which is available swipe from the left side of the screen.

Version 4.6.16 also includes the elimination of a variety of errors and departures, in general applications become more stable.

Update Google Play Store and Google services gradually spread to all supported devices, so be patient and wait. By the way, after upgrading to 4.6.16 in the settings you will be able to check for updates on the app store, just press on the version number.

Well, let's summarize.

In addition to bug fixes and improvements we have presented a slightly updated design and useful features. Personally, I liked the update, and I am very pleased that Google cares about users and pays attention to detail.

On this I have everything.

Thanks for watching, good luck to all!


Google Play 4.6.16


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2014/03/20 16:10
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