The interviewee, a girl assistant
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The interviewee, a girl assistant


But what at first glance looks like a regular virtual friend, really can be your grave assistant who unknowingly holiday and weekends to help you in everything that you can expect from a phone at all. Not only that, she knows everything because it is tied to the search engines, so she still remembers everything and understands you well, perhaps too well, better than anyone else.

The idea drew from many films about the future, where people at home or in the car or at work all sorts of different hologram lived as a girl or a young man who says something like, showing off its intelligence and otherwise annoying, but just in case! If you slow down a little bit of our imagination, we can say that the future is now small and your girl-secretary is waiting for you on the screen of your android.

If you summarize, the interviewee, the girl-assistant is able to:

  • certainly please the eye
  • it is possible to talk on any subject, apart from the outside world
  • learn about the weather
  • ask what is the result of the match for the team that you support
  • you look for the nearest cafe or restaurant
  • and much, much more

Just this girl, like many others, a wide range of dresses for different purposes, ranging from bikini and ending with an evening dress, so it's up to you how it will look like today ;)


The interviewee, a girl assistant


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2013/09/19 15:45
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