NQ Security Multi-language
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NQ Security Multi-language


This antivirus system includes many useful items, such as:

  • classic antivirus
  • Protection from persecution
  • Protecting Your Privacy
  • special phone locator
  • Data Backup
  • Safe Browsing
  • Traffic Monitoring

The program works fine on most popular models and supports more than a dozen languages, so you are sure to find one that will allow you to use it.

As well, the app is actively developing and regularly appears something new, such as:

  • blocking unwanted calls and sms messages
  • interesting defense of phone theft

Read more about the innovations:

Block calls and sms will protect you from unwanted calls and messages, ie you can create a "black list" of numbers that you can not call you or send a message. You can also create a list of numbers that are automatically forwarded, or vice versa, to create a "white list" that will restrict incoming calls to only those that will make you go there.

Anti-theft protection will also use the camera when the phone is stolen and send you a photo of the attacker! This anti-theft feature is activated remotely and will take pictures of anyone who tries to unlock the phone by sending this photo to your e-mail address indicated during registration.

So downloading and installing NQ Security you get a great phone protection, including all sorts of methods and techniques that are developed and supplemented, and given a free application sin not to use it!


NQ Security Multi-language


3.5★ 70.03%

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2013/08/09 21:20
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