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Typography Wall - About Programs Class Live Wallpapers for Android news has not yet been published. And only because of interesting and creative live wallpapers have been reported. But now there really are worthy examples of typographic quality. Let's take a look at the most attractive specimens of live wallpaper - Typography Wall, which at the moment are the most attractive in our view. First, you'll need to install the device above the 2.2 version of Android. Second, after the installation of wallpaper unusual catches your eye - background with droplets in a creative mess stacked data on the time and date of your Google Phone. It looks really awesome! Bonus - the active presence of the battery gauge. Third, all customizable! (Finally, you can change the location of Elements on your desktop). The background changes, you can put your favorite picture or photo in its sole discretion. And finally, another amenity in these zhivih wallpaper - the program is distributed in the format of free, ie it is free. It does not contain any program promotional information. Difficult, but still intuitive, will be the one who does not speak English (the program does not Russified). Although free, no ads, multinastroyka practical applications, excellent graphics and user-friendly intuitive interface - it's really nice.


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Version 2.0.2
date of download 2011-04-26 21:03
The size 1.17 MB
English No
Other languages
Korean, Chinese
Android 2.1+
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inspection date 2014-09-23 15:15:29
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2011/04/26 21:07
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