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The next puzzle, which absorbed the principles of the famous strategy of The Plague, only received a more pleasant appearance and some other nuances.


The original puzzle in which we will encounter a simplified version of the cube-rubik, which, of course, does not make the event easier, so, get ready!


To the battle on the tanks all have already got used, so that the most advanced are bursting into the sky, which this game offers, which is very handy, and there are not many such on the androde;)


Game for Android devices King of the Hill is an arcade in which the hero will need to protect the royal castle from the invasion of enemies.


A puzzle game, the title of which refers us to a gold rush. Only here a goldsmith will be a battleship. Help the beast collect all the gold coins and overcome the intricate labyrinths.


A dynamic arcade game in which you will try to survive on the air islands ... sounds nice, but in fact there will have to be a fair try!


The game in the genre action / RPG, which will have to perform quests and cut the evil left and right, along the way pumping the main character, is not that what you always dreamed of?


An extraordinary platformer about a terrible place - a prison that, unlike many games of this kind, turned out to be quite a casual arcade ... an interesting option, is not it?


Fresh strategy from the already known to us studio, which is genre in this genre and is profiled, so that something interesting and positive awaits us;)


An amusing arcade, in which first of all care is needed, not counting the reaction and other basic moments, but, in general, it turned out very interesting!


A novelty from the well-known studio Ketchapp, which will serve as a continuation of their similar project, which they presented to us earlier and he managed to become famous;)


Another shooter about zombies, in which you will get acquainted with the thousandth apocalypse, its consequences and take part in their elimination, how long and successfully - in your hands!

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