Software update from Sony Ericsson
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Software update from Sony Ericsson


Sony Ericsson has revealed yet another phone in a line of Xperia and announced an update to the software on other devices.
While other manufacturers of phones based on Android OS has complete translation of their devices to the new version of Android 2.3.4, Sony just started to talk about what they are going to be implemented in this version. So, it seems, the company has set its sights on accessories. So in the new version of Android devices added the ability to shoot panoramas in 3D, though for new devices that will support it in hardware. Shot panoramas can be displayed on TVs equipped with the same function when connected via HDMI. You will also add support for integration with Facebook. In addition, when using the Sony Ericsson LiveDock, the phone can connect a regular keyboard and mouse. It is planned that the update can be installed using FOTA, though only on Wi-Fi, which is quite logical.
But then a little surprise, the update will be available for new devices, made ​​in 2011, which rejects the old model, and will only begin in October of this year, when he should have come out Android 2.4.


Software update from Sony Ericsson

2011/08/28 15:08
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